About Cold Draw Processing

Long Tubes  

  On the basis of the ripe technology of NAKAJIMA Precision Tube Industry Co.,Ltd in Japan, our company has developed and produced precision tubes with cold draw processing technology. In the process of drawing, insert core needle or float core rod in the tube, put it into the cavity die and then get the dimensions and shape you want in the course when the wall is getting more and more thinner.

  Our company also has the processing system which uses the drawing machine and special idler wheel device so as to meet the requirement of our customers to produce various precision tubes.

  The precision tube produced by our company with drawing processing technology has the following characteristics:
  ① Uniform metal structure organization.
  ② Smooth metal surface.
  ③ Stable wall thickness precision. (wall thickness 20μm,dimensional tolerance within ±0.002)
  ④ Changeful length.(As for the OD1.5mm × T0.02mm precision tube, the full length range is 1.5mm-1200mm.)
  ⑤ It can be processed into various kinds of shape.(round tubes, square tubes and various special pipes.)
  ⑥ It can be made of various metal materials.(We can produce according to the specification the customer demands.)

The schedule of various secondary processing products. We can produce various secondary processing products.

  We can design and produce manufacturing equipments of drawing tubes and various secondary processing machines, also we can deal with the customers' special demand. In addition, we are improving the technology of washing process and reducing the matter which will add burden to the environment. We use environment-friendly washing liquid, which can be recycled to protect the environment.