About Cold Draw Processing

1、Raw Pipes Production: We can produce electric welded metal pipes (joint pipes) made of band metal materials and seamless metal pipes. According to different use, we can produce different products to meet our customers' demand.
2、Cold Draw Processing: Our company uses cold draw processing technology, inserts the core needle in the tube and draws to produce metal pipes with good effect and high precision.
3、Washing: With our particular washing method, we can clean the inside and outside of the fine tube thoroughly.
4、Anneal: High temperature anneal with hydrogen continuous in annealing furnace.
5、Middle Examination: Examine the tube's appearance and dimensions (external diameter and wall thickness) with non-contact high-precision examination instruments.
6、Specification Cut:Bundle the drawn long tubes with stated quantity and cut them according to the length that the customer demands.
7、Barrel Finishing:Get rid of the burr and polish the external.
8、Final Cleaning:Wash off the dirt and realize the high cleanness.
9、Inspection & Ex-Factory:The inspector approved by our company will examine the appearance and dimensions, then pack and delivery to relevant customers.

  According to ISO9001, the company has established quality control system and is making great effort to adapt the customer's demand.